ASD Solicitors assisted Mrs D of Sheffield following a slip at work.

Mrs D injured her knee following her shift working behind the bar. The accident occurred at a working men’s club on Solly Street, Sheffield. After getting up to have a dance she slipped on the floor which was soaking wet with beer. The knee injury was significant, resulting in surgery.

The insurers sought to reduce the claim by 30%, however after proceedings were issued the claim was settled.

Richard Meggitt, Solicitor, acted for Mrs D. He said, following the settlement ‘insurers will almost always attempt to argue that an individual is partly responsible in a slip or trip case. In this particular matter the insurer had suggested the client should have been aware of the spilt drink and taken extra care. In fact the spillage was very difficult to see as the lighting was poor, the Claimant was unaware of the spillage until after the accident, the reduction of 30% was totally unwarranted. Only after court proceeding were issued did the insurers come to their senses by almost doubling the offer’.

This claim was settled in September 2015