ASD Solicitors assisted Mr M who was a passenger in a serious RTA

ASD acted for Mr M following a road accident in which the vehicle Mr M was travelling in negligently collided with a stationary taxi. As a result of the collision Mr M was rushed to hospital where he spent a number of days in intensive care before being discharged in a fixed neck brace, which he had to wear 24 hours a day, given the spinal injuries he had suffered.

ASD arranged for Mr M to be examined by a consultant orthopaedic surgeon, a consultant neuro-radiologist and a consultant neurosurgeon to ensure that all of Mr M’s accident related injuries could be properly assessed and the appropriate treatment and prognosis given.

Mr M was ultimately diagnosed with spinal cord syndrome and, over time, thankfully made a full recovery.

Given the unusual diagnosis following the spinal injuries not only did the expert solicitors at ASD value Mr M’s claim but they also instructed Mr Jackson, barrister, to offer his opinion as to the appropriate value.

ASD thereafter successfully negotiated settlement with the defendant’s solicitors, well in excess of the amount that Mr Jackson felt Mr M would potentially have received if his claim had progressed to a Trial.