ASD Solicitors has helped a Sheffield man to receive £138,500 in compensation following an accident at work.

Mr G fell from a ladder provided by his employer when attempting to fit a sign. He should have been working from a mobile platform or been assisted by another employee.

As a result of the fall the client sustained a serious ankle fracture. Such was the severity of the injuries the client could not return to his pre-accident job and was likely to require the use of stick for the rest of his life.

Richard Meggitt, part of the Serious Injury Team at ASD, arranged for the client to have extensive rehabilitation to aid his recovery. This was paid for in full by the insurers. Despite the significant injuries arrangements were made during the claim for Mr G to retrain as a driving instructor. Richard Meggitt said “Some insurers have suggested that they be given the power to look after personal injury claimants and settle claims without that person having access to independent legal advice. If that happened in this case, Mr G would have received less than £50,000 as that was the initial offer the insurers believed to be reasonable. Injured people need to be represented by specialist Solicitors. The insurer’s principle obligation is to their shareholders not to personal injury claimants”

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