Chris Chappell, Solicitor at ASD, successfully assisted Mr S in gaining compensation for a serious injury he sustained at work.

The jaws of life have a motor linked by two pipes through which hydraulic liquid is pumped. There had been a problem with this equipment approximately one week before Mr S’s accident but it would appear that the repair had not been carried out in a correct fashion.hand-injury

Severe hand injury

When Mr S went to activate the Jaws with his right hand the seal went again. The problem was exacerbated by the fact that the guard has been replaced the wrong way round. Hydraulic liquid shot out of the pipe with considerable pressure forcing it straight through the rubber gloves which Mr S was wearing and then the skin on the webbing of his right hand. The liquid was pumped directly into his hand. Mr S has been left with a significant scar and a slightly reduced function to his hand.

£21,500 awarded

With the assistance of ASD, Mr S negotiated significant settlement of £21,500.00 without the need for recourse to the courts. The settlement included allowance for the fact that Mr S would be restricted on the open labour market, should he have to find new employment in the future.

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