ASD Solicitors assisted a Sheffield client who was injured at work.

Mr Smith was briefly knocked out when he struck his head on a defective horizontal bar, outside of his place of work. Initially, Mr Smith complained of a neck injury but in the weeks following the accident suffered a range of symptoms including dizziness, headaches and low mood.

Richard Meggitt, part of the serious injury team, arranged a home visit following receipt of a medical report from an orthopedic surgeon. Only when speaking to Mr Smith did it become apparent that he may be suffering from post concussional syndrome (PCS). PCS is the development of various symptoms including physical, psychological and emotional symptoms following a mild traumatic brain injury. Symptoms include headaches, nausea, tiredness, concentration problems, balance problems, irritability and inability to think clearly.

The low offer made by the insurer for the employer of £5,000 was rejected and reports from a neurologist and neuropsychologist were obtained. Treatment in the form of cognitive behavioural therapy was put in place and Mr Smith was able to return to work. He remained vulnerable on the labour market and his claim was eventually settled for more than £50,000 in December 2015.

A less experienced solicitor may have overlooked the head injury and settled for £5,000. Because Mr Smith was local, the solicitor was able to see him in person and identify the classic PCS symptoms ensuring he received the correct treatment and proper damages.

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