ASD Solicitors acted for Mrs O of Barnsley who sustained a neck injury while a passenger in a motor car.

Liability was admitted but the extent of the client’s injuries was denied. Regrettably the client’s neck pain was such that she was never able to return to work. Although an experienced orthopaedic surgeon was unable to give a clinical reason for the level of pain, a psychiatrist diagnosed a pain disorder as the cause of the on-going disability. A pain disorder is where an individual experiences chronic pain caused by psychological stress.

The insurers for the motorist did not accept the client’s symptoms were genuine and offered only £5,000. The matter proceeded to a trial where the Judge considered covert video footage of Mrs O. The Judge, sitting at Sheffield County Court, found the client to be genuine and she was awarded more than £120,000.

Mrs O was never able to return to her job with the Royal Mail and will be reliant upon her family for care and assistance for the rest of her life.

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