ASD assisted Miss B of Immingham who suffered serious injury in a low speed collision.

Miss B developed significant and debilitating pain in her lower back after being struck from behind by another driver. The injuries were so severe that her future employment was affected.

low speed collision3 years after the accident the claim was settled for a sum exceeding £50,000.

Richard Meggitt, Solicitor, acted for Miss B. He said, following the settlement, “relatively minor accidents can have devastating consequences. When I met with my client it was clear she had a serious problem in lower back. I instructed an orthopaedic surgeon who arranged an MRI scan. It was only following the scan that damage to a nerve in the sacro illiac joint was found. This may have been missed if a GP had been instructed very soon after the accident, as is the policy of many larger firms. As always medical evidence is key.”

This claim was settled in February 2015

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