ASD acted for Mr D who was unfortunately knocked off his bicycle as he rode along South Road in Sheffield, due to the Defendant opening his car door right in front of Mr D as he cycled along the road, knocking him from his bike and causing personal injury. Mr D suffered a fractured right wrist along with cuts, bruises and other soft tissue injuries.

Problematic injurybike-accident

Liability was conceded quickly by the Defendant’s insurers. However, Mr D’s wrist injury continued to be problematic. Mr D worked as a builder and plasterer and was struggling with work when he tried to return to his job after the accident. As matters didn’t improve, Mr D was advised by ASD’s medical expert to return to the hospital to have further investigations carried out to his wrist.

Mr D unable to return to work

After nerve conduction studies and various scans the hospital confirmed that Mr D had suffered significant injury to his scapho-lunate ligament, which required reconstructive surgery and further time away from work. Post rehabilitation the Claimant realised that he was unlikely to be able to continue in the building trade; as such, with ASD’s assistance, Mr D formulated a business plan with costings to open up an outdoor entertainments business, with ASD seeking start-up costs from the Defendant insurers.

After negotiations, post issuing of Court Proceedings, the Defendant insurers accepted an offer to settle Mr D’s claim without needing to attend trial.

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