Mr H of Sheffield was working as a security office and patrolling the external areas of his workplace when he noticed a barrier gate was stuck in an elevated position. Mr H reported the fault to the operations room and went to inspect the barrier. As he placed his left hand on the barrier, it suddenly sprung back with significant force, causing a bolt on the top of the barrier to strike his left hand. Mr H suffered injury to his left hand, namely a fracture of the metacarpal of his long finger. Mr H suffered swelling and stiffness and a risk of developing post-traumatic arthritis in the effected joint.

Lability was denied on this occasion as the defendant argued that the operations team did not ask Mr H to take any action himself to repair or investigate the faulty barrier, that he was trained not to approach faulty barriers and that the accident was, in fact, caused by Mr H abandonment of his training.

Mr H’s claim went all the way to trial where the Judge found that Mr H was acting in the course of his employment and in accordance with his training. The defence of the employer that Mr H should not have investigated the faulty barrier was not upheld. The Judge found that Mr H was acting in accordance with the correct procedure and his investigations of the barrier were in line with the procedure to give a proper and full account of the fault.

At trial, the Defendant employer was held 100% responsible for Mr H’s injuries. Mr H was awarded more than £20,000. He received additional interest due to the conduct of the Defendant.

The case was deal with by Ralph Clark, Solicitor and part of the serious injury team at ASD solicitors.

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