ASD Solicitors helped Mr Whale recover compensation following an accident at a local pub.

Mr Whale, from Rotherham, slipped and fell on ice immediately outside the main exit to the pub. His case was that the pub had taken no reasonable steps to attempt to clear the ice and snow, which had been there a number of days, if not weeks, before the accident. The fall occurred in the severe winter of 2009/2010. The Landlord for the Mitchell’s and Butler public house maintained that he did have a system to clear the snow and ice and, more importantly, it was implemented.

As a result of the fall Mr Whale suffered a shattered wrist with permanent pain and discomfort.

Richard Meggitt, part of the Serious Injury Team at ASD, took the case to trial and won. The Judge found, at Rotherham County Court, that there was no system in place to clear snow and ice at the pub and no effort was made to grit or clear the hazard. Mr Whale said after the Judgement, “I am delighted with the outcome. I am a regular at the pub and may not have made a claim if it was not for the severity of the fracture which will have a long term effect upon the enjoyment of my retirement. The Landlord maintained that he did grit and clear the snow and ice, which I knew to be untrue. The Judge accepted that the alleged system simply did not exist. I would like to personally thank ASD and in particular Richard and Chris for all their advice and assistance. Without ASD I would not have been able to bring a claim and put the record straight.”

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