ASD Solicitors assisted a woman who had the misfortune to fall through the floor of a chicken coup at her place of work.

Our Client was going about her duties and was in fact assisting her boss at the time of the accident. Unfortunately, he had removed a section of the flooring and had failed to properly replace another section. As a result of which, our Client fell through the floor of the coup and onto a metal support structure below, sustaining a painful injury to her left shoulder.

Although the Defendant’s Representatives admitted liability, they alleged contributory negligence on the part of our Client, stating that she was partially to blame for her own injuries as she would have been aware that a section of the floor had been removed.

The case was further complicated by the fact that our Client suffered from a constitutional problem to the same shoulder.

Regardless, ASD managed to secure our Client a total of £20,000 without any concessions in respect of liability or the need for a final Court hearing.

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