We’re Local

We guarantee a home visit by a solicitor within 3 hours of your call. Our commitment to providing a face to face service by a Solicitor means we can only act for people within our region, who live in Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Humberside.

We’re Qualified

Our team consists of dedicated solicitors who specialise in personal injury claims – and we do nothing else! We’re all members of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers and we are an Accredited Practice. We are not claims handlers and do not refer claims to anyone else. We have been acting for local accident victims since we were established in 1984 and in that time we have recovered millions of pounds of compensation for thousands of local people.

We’re Solicitors

You can trust us.  Unfortunately you cannot trust many of the companies you see advertise on the TV or the  Internet.  Claims Management Companies are NOT Solicitors they simply sell claims to the highest bidder.  What they charge is unclear and many people are left out of pocket.  We are very clear as to what we will charge you.

Will I have to pay anything if my claim fails?

NO. We provide a ‘No Win – No Fee’ service, which means if you lose you pay nothing. If we incur any expenses on your behalf such as the cost of obtaining a medical report you will not be asked to pay for these.

Will I have to pay anything if my claim is successful?

You will only pay a fee if your claim is successful and you win your case. How much you pay will depend on the type and value of your claim. There are no hidden fees so there will be nothing else for you to pay.

Will I have to pay for an insurance policy to protect me in the event the case is lost?

NO. We will protect you in the event that your claim fails. This means, unlike many other Solicitors, we will not ask you to pay an expensive insurance premium at the end of the case. You therefore get to keep more of the compensation you deserve.

Will I have to fund my case?

NO. We will fund all the costs such as medical reports and court fees during the life of your case. If the claim succeeds these costs will be recoverable from your opponent, if the case fails we will pay these expenses on your behalf.

Is it important that I instruct a specialist personal injury firm rather than a high street firm?

If you want to obtain the appropriate amount of compensation, it is important your solicitor has expert knowledge in the area of law involved in your individual case. Our team only specialise in personal injury litigation and we are here to help you.

Am I free to instruct a Solicitor of my own choice, rather than one my insurance company has recommended?

YES. European Union Legislation states that you have a right as a client to instruct a Solicitor of your own choice to handle your case. We would always recommend choosing a specialist firm with a dedicated team who are experienced in the area where you wish to make a claim. ASD have expert Solicitors who have a wealth of experience in dealing with serious injuries, road accidents, accidents at work, and industrial disease cases.

Does it matter where I live?

YES. We believe that personal injury claims should not be dealt with on the telephone or through form filling. For that reason we guarantee a home visit by one of our experienced solicitors – not an unqualified claims investigator. Because we deal with clients face-to-face we can usually only assist people who live in Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Humberside.

How long will my claim take?

It’s hard to accurately predict, without knowing the details of your case but many straightforward cases are settled within 12 months. Complex, high value and serious injury cases may take two to three years, depending on the ability of medical experts to provide a definitive prognosis. We always settle our claims as rapidly as we can and will keep you informed every step of the way.

How much is my claim worth?

Without expert medical evidence it is very difficult to assess the potential value of your claim. You will be entitled to compensation for General Damages i.e pain suffering and loss of amenity, and any financial losses. In more serious injury case you may also be entitled to future loss of earnings and other heads of claim.

Can I be compensated for losses other than personal injury?

YES. We deal with each case individually so once we’ve assessed your case we can then pursue a claim for the following, where appropriate:

  • Future and past loss of earnings
  • Medical care costs
  • Any additional time that friends or members of your family spend caring for you
  • Any other financial losses or expenditure directly linked to your accident.

How soon after an accident should I seek compensation?

By law, you must begin your claim within three years of your accident. We would recommend seeking expert advice sooner rather than later. Claims for children and those incapable of managing their own affairs can be started outside the three year period, and the Court can allow for certain other exceptions outside the three year limit.

Will my claim succeed?

We only can assist where there are reasonable prospects of success. In order for us to assess what the prospect of success are please give one of our Solicitors a call on 0800 163 622.

Will I have to go to court?

Many people as us ‘how many personal injury claims go to court?’ There is no set answer, if the opponent does not admit liability then you may have to go to court. Take a look at our step-by-step guide to making a claim to find out more.

What if my claim goes to trial?

Very few claims end up going to trial, but if it does ASD have the expertise to present your case and will already have the details they need to do so.

What if I just want an apology?

If you are not interested in financial compensation but would like an apology you can follow the route of making a formal complaint to the other party i.e. if it is an organisation they may have a formal complaints procedure which may include issuing an apology.

Do I need to be medically examined?

YES. We will arrange for you to seen by a medical expert. It will be someone who we have used before because we normally only accept instructions from local people.

I have been contacted by an Insurance Company and they have made an offer to settle my claim. Should I accept it?

Insurance companies have increasingly been using the practice ‘third party capture’. This where the insurer contacts a person direct to make an offer to settle a claim, often without medical evidence, in order to ‘buy’ off the injured person. It is entirely a matter for the injured person whether they accept the offer made provided that person is not a child or not of capacity. However the insurance companies primary duty is to its shareholders not to the person they are compensating, in practice this often means injury victims are offered only a fraction of what their claim could be worth. Our advice is clear; instruct a local Solicitor with expertise in personal injury claims, only then will you get independent advice as to how much your claim could be worth.

I need physiotherapy but cannot afford to pay for it. Can you help?

YES. Often physiotherapy is a crucial part of the rehabilitation process after an accident so we work closely with local physiotherapists and The Injury Care Clinic who retain a national network of physiotherapists. Through our physiotherapists we can arrange sessions of physiotherapy for you at no charge to help you get back on your feet.

I need psychological therapy but cannot afford to pay for it. Can you help?

YES. We work closely with the Psychology Service who retain a national network of psychologists. We may be able to arrange Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or EMDR at no charge to you.

I have suffered psychological trauma, but no physical injury. Can I claim?

Possibly. If you have not sustained any physical injured but have suffered a recognised psychological injury as a result of the fault of another you are likely to be entitled to compensation. We would arrange for you to be seen by a Psychologist who would be able to assess you in order to determine whether you are entitled to be compensated. If you have it is likely you would also be entitled to recover the cost of therapy.

My injuries appear very minor. Can I still make a claim?

Possibly. To instruct a Solicitor the value of your claim normally has to exceed a £1000. To determine whether this is likely please give one of our Solicitors a call on 0800 163 622.

Can I make a claim on behalf of a loved one for a fatal accident?

YES. You can make a fatal accident claim when the accident was due to the negligence of another party. So whether a loved one was killed as the result of a road traffic accident or an accident at work you can file for compensation on their behalf. The family of the deceased can receive the compensation. Although it may not come as much comfort, the compensation can go towards repaying any losses incurred such as funeral expenses. If the deceased was the main earner in the family and left behind children then the money can be used to support their family. Partners in a civil partnership and cohabiters who are in a long term relationship and have lived together for at least two years can also claim compensation as in the eyes of the law they are treated the same as a married couple.

If I want to make a claim, what will happen next?

The first thing that will happen is a face to face meeting with one of our qualified solicitors to take through your case and establish whether you have a claim. Take a look at our guide to making a claim to get a step-by-step walkthrough of the process.

How do I know if someone else is at fault?

Legal responsibility for an accident or injury is known as liability and determining who is at fault is unique to each case – so you won’t know for certain that someone else is at fault until you consult with a legal expert.

However, the general rule is that if someone was careless, and that contributed to the cause of the accident, then they are at fault. In legal terms this is known as negligence. The other party must have a “duty of care” which has been neglected for you to have a case.

What if it I feel the accident was my fault?

Often you may feel that the accident is your fault, when in fact other circumstances which someone is responsible for have contributed to the event. It is possible that you had a part to play in the accident (for example, in a road traffic accident) but that another party was more careless – in this instance, you may still have a case.

How do I establish who is at fault?

To establish who is legally at fault it is best to consult with a solicitor. Establishing fault is part of the initial process that will be undertaken when you get in contact with a legal expert.

What is a schedule of loss?

A schedule of loss is a document that lays out how much compensation you want if your claim is successful. A solicitor will propose this amount based on factors such as potential loss of earnings, health care costs, care costs etc. This is calculated by totalling up various “heads of loss”. To find out more about this process visit our article detailing how personal injury compensation is calculated.

Can I claim for loss of earnings?

Yes. This is a very common “head of claim” that contributes to your overall compensation. We will take into account both immediate loss of earnings and future projections. See our article “how personal injury compensation is calculated” to find out more.

Can I claim for general damages?

Yes. General damages are defined as the damages and injuries that are a direct result from the injury or the accident. So, for example, the broken leg caused by a fall at work or mental anguish caused as a result of the incident. These can be harder to calculate precisely compared to special damages.

What are special damages and can I claim for them?

Special damages are similar to general damages; they have to be proven specific to your personal circumstances. So, for example, loss of wages and earning capacity is different for everyone depending on their salary at time of accident and their line of work.

Are my settlements taxable?

No. Compensation awarded for personal injuries cannot be taxed whether received in a lump sum or over a period of time.

Can personal injury settlements be held in trust?

Yes. This is especially useful if you don’t want your settlement to affect any state benefits you are currently receiving.

What if someone involved has public liability cover?

If someone involved has public liability cover then we will communicate with their insurers instead of them directly. It will not affect the party’s legal responsibility or the legitimacy of your claim.

How is third party insurance involved?

When the defendant has insurance, including third party insurance, your solicitor will simply communicate with the insurer rather than direct with the individual involved. This is common practice in lots of personal injury claims, especially road traffic accidents.

I have had a claim before. Can I claim again if I have another accident?

Yes, if the accident was caused by someone else’s negligence or breach of duty and if you suffered injury.

What if I am too incapacitated to attend meetings?

A family member can make a claim on your behalf if you are unable to be involved in proceedings. ASD offer face to face meetings at your home, in order to assist.