Will I have to pay anything if my claim fails?

NO. ASD’s ‘No Win – No Fee’ service means if you lose your claim you won’t have to pay anything. This includes any expenses, for example the cost of obtaining a medical report.

Will I have to pay anything if my claim is successful?

YES. You pay a success fee, but only in the event that you win your case. The success fee is a percentage of the damages recovered. There is nothing else for you to pay. No Loans, No Interest, No Hidden Charges and No Insurance Premiums In a serious injury case the success fee is 10% + vat

claim settles for £35,000, you would receive :-  
Damages £35,000
LESS success fee £4,200

Who will Deal with my Claim?

You will deal with a Solicitor from this firm from day one. You will not be referred to another company . You will always be dealt with by an experienced Solicitor from the Serious Injury Team. Following your initial call we will arrange to see you immediately, whether in hospital or at your home. The case will be dealt with by the same person throughout. When it is necessary to meet you, the meeting will take place in person at a venue of your choice.

What is the Serious Injury Team?

They are Solicitors who have at least 8 years’ experience in dealing with personal injury claimants who have suffered serious or catastrophic injuries. Please click the link to meet the Solicitors within the team.

How much is my claim worth?

Without a medical assessment and face-to-face meeting with one of our Solicitors it’s very difficult to say how much a claim is worth. To ensure the evidence for the claim is comprehensive, you may have to be seen by a number of different experts. Bear in mind that you will be entitled to claim for pain, suffering and loss of amenity as part of your compensation claim, these are known as General Damages.

You can also recover compensation for losses incurred from the date of the accident until the claim is settled which could include:

  • Loss of earnings
  • Travelling expenses
  • Care provided by family members.

You can also recover future losses, which could include future loss of earnings if you are unable to work or your ability to earn money is reduced, or on-going care provided by family members.

Do you provide rehabilitation?

YES. We work closely with The Injury Care Clinic. They will carry out an immediate needs assessment to see how they can assist. They may be able to assist in your return to work, or provide aids and equipment in the home. They may appoint a case manager giving a person to contact if you need additional assistance. The cost is paid for by the insurers for the person or company who caused the accident.

I may need professional care. What next?

If it is supported by expert evidence you will be able to recover compensation for care provided by a nurse. We will arrange for you to be seen by an occupational care expert who will see you in your home to determine the type and level of care required.

I need physiotherapy but cannot afford to pay for it. Can you help?

YES. Often physiotherapy is a crucial part f the rehabilitation process after an accident so we work closely with local physiotherapists.  Through our physiotherapists, we can arrange sessions of physiotherapy for you at no charge to help you get back on your feet.

My family are providing a lot of support. Will they be compensated?

YES. You are entitled to seek compensation for both past and future care provided by friends and family. The level of compensation for care will depend upon the severity of your injury.

As a result of the accident I am suffering financial hardship. Can you help?

YES. If you have been seriously injured we will endeavour to obtain an interim payment from the insurance company. Such a payment is unlikely until the insurers have investigated the issue of fault. In the meantime we may be able to offer you an interest free loan of up to £2500.

What counts as a serious injury?

Serious injuries tend to be injuries that have a drastic impact on your life often changing it forever. They include things like spinal injuries, severe burns or amputations, brain injuries or paralysis.

What forms will I need to fill out?

We come and see you direct, so you don’t have to fill in lengthy forms. Instead we will take details from you face-to-face.

Is there a difference between serious psychological injury and bodily injury?

Each claim is specific to your circumstances and injuries suffered. The severity of the injury is what will dictate the compensation you will receive, not whether it is psychological or bodily. Psychological injuries can be proved just as easily as physical ailments and we will consult with psychiatrists and psychologists in the case of psychological injury.

Is there mediation involved in a serious injury claim?

You can have mediators involved in your serious injury claim if you think it would help. Mediators can be useful to try and resolve a dispute without going to court. Though agreements made in mediation are not legally binding, you can have a solicitor present who can draw up a legally-binding agreement based on what has been said during mediation.

What is a mediation settlement?

A mediation settlement is an agreement reached via mediation.

What is serious injury protection?

You can purchase personal injury cover insurance, although it is not common. This will ensure an amount of compensation from your insurer.

What if I have serious injury protection coverage?

If you have coverage your insurer is obliged to pay out a certain amount to you, but its best to get in touch with a solicitor first as your insurer might try and make you settle for less than you are actually owed.

What is a statute of limitation?

A statute of limitation refers to the time-limit you have to make a personal injury claim. Generally this is a three year time limit from the date of the accident. However, it is not always as cut and dried as it sounds – especially in the case of industrial disease.

Are there fixed costs for different types of personal injury?

Most solicitors will operate on a no-win, no-fee basis.  This means that if you do win, a percentage of your compensation will go to the solicitor as a success fee.  At ASD we take a smaller percentage than the majority of our competitors.