Head, brain, spinal cord and other serious injuries can have a devastating and life changing affect upon the individual concerned and their family. Clients who have had the misfortune to be seriously injured are dealt with by an expert Solicitor within the Serious Injury Team. We fight every day for people whose lives have been changed by serious injury. The ASD promise to seriously injured clients is as follows:-

  • Provide a ‘No Win – No Fee’ service, with a guarantee that the success fee will not be more than 10% + vat of the damages recovered.
  • You will be dealt with by a Solicitor from the Serious Injury Team throughout the life of your case.
  • We will give you an interest free loan of up to £2500, if required (subject to terms & conditions).
  • We will arrange an immediate needs assessment to be carried out by our rehabilitation company.
  • We will, at the earliest opportunity, secure an interim payment for you.
  • You will be seen ‘face to face’ throughout your claim.

Head and Brain Injuries

If you or a member of your family has suffered a head or brain injury you deserve the best possible medical care, rehabilitation and expert support. ASD has significant experience in representing and assisting clients who have sustained brain injuries.

We will, where possible, secure an interim payment to help you access the services you need. We can provide detailed advice in respect of state benefits and other financial issues. We work closely with The Injury Care Clinic, and we will, where possible, appoint a case manager to assist with rehabilitation.

You will be represented by a Solicitor who has experience of acting as a Deputy appointed by the Court of Protection. You may need assistance with managing your financial affairs. We work closely with local neurologists and neurosurgeons who provide detailed medico legal reports on our clients’ behalf.

Our Solicitors fight fearlessly every day for clients who have sustained brain injuries.

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Child Head and Brain Injury Claims

Our team of Solicitors have significant experience in dealing with children who have sustained head and brain injuries. At ASD we understand that pursuing a claim for a child where they have sustained significant injury can be challenging.

Our Solicitors fight every day for children who have been seriously injured on the road, at school and in other public places.

With our specialist knowledge and experience we can assist with rehabilitation, education, medical care, family support and accommodation issues. We will attempt to secure an interim payment at the earliest opportunity.

We have excellent links with local professionals working with children who have suffered brain injuries. Once a child’s brain injury claim is settled we will provide or ensure on-going support, for example setting up a personal injury trust.

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Spinal Injuries

ASD has been assisting clients with spinal injuries for over 35 years. Around 1200 people a year are paralysed from spinal cord injuries and around 40,000 people in the UK are living with paralysis. The effect paralysis can have on an individual is understandably devastating but it’s important to remember that it can also impact on their family and friends too.

ASD has experience in helping rebuild people’s lives after serious spinal and spinal cord injuries.

We work closely with rehabilitation providers to make sure our clients and their families receive the best possible care. At ASD our expert solicitors will be available ‘face-to-face’ throughout the life of the case.

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Loss of Limb

Any injury which results in amputation will have a serious impact on your quality of life.

ASD can assist with rehabilitation and access to specialist aids and equipment. Our solicitors have significant experience in assisting clients who have suffered amputations. We have a proven track record in securing the best possible outcome for our clients who have suffered amputations in traumatic accidents.

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